I vividly remember my second day back to work following a one-year stint of maternity leave. I rocked up to work smelling something quite disconcerting and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what it was; cue the frantic searching trying to determine whether something had been left lingering in the bottom of my bag (the endless pit of nothingness) or if I had trodden in something less than favourable.

It was only after two meetings and one presentation later that I realised that I actually had puke down my back and shoulder in all its glory. I recalled that I had burped my son earlier that morning before setting off for the day. In the midst of the endless stream of tears (teething) and trying to remember if I had packed everything he needed for nursery (I still forgot something) I hadn’t realised that he decided to leave me with a little (well huge) parting gift. After recoiling in horror and trying to dab the remnants, I gave up and decided that today was one of those days that I just had to take an L.

And whilst there have been several other days similar to that day, what I haven’t accounted for are the many, many other days that have gone a lot better, the days when I have managed to thrive both at work and home. This. Is. Motherhood.

For every one day that may be difficult, there are a gazillion other days that are brilliant. In the latter, it may be easy to feel like you are doing great but in the former, sometimes you may be feeling less than up to task. Well kick that kind of thinking in the shins – you are doing great and you are the best mother for your child.

 As you celebrate Mother’s Day, always remember to be kind and gracious to yourself. Motherhood doesn’t call for perfection what it calls for instead is consistency, love, warmth and unrelenting strength. And when those little arms are wrapped around your neck or that cheeky grin greets you first thing in the morning, it makes mysterious spills and ills even more worthwhile.

Happy Mother’s Day. You are doing just fine.


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