If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write – Martin Luther

It is National Stationery Week, one of our favourite weeks of the year! If you don’t already know, National Stationery Week is all about putting pen to paper. It is about the written word, getting people all over the world talking and writing about all things stationery!

Everyone writes for a reason and in this digital age, writing does still matter. Here are 4 reasons why.

1. Writing is a beautiful form of expression
Writing allows you to think over exactly the message you want to convey, stimulating your brain and imagination. You have the freedom to reflect and edit as you wish. Through this, you discover your individual voice.

2. Writing is therapeutic
Sometimes you may feel like you can’t share with anyone how you feel or what you’re going through. But writing allows you to pour out your innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions freely down on paper.

3. Writing spreads love
I stumbled across a company called More Love Letters, an organisation devoted to empowering individuals through tangible acts of love. The founder started the movement by leaving handwritten letters around New York City for strangers to find. Now, More Love Letters delivers love letter bundles around the world.

4. Writing is Nostalgic
I remember digging out my old journals and reading what I had written in them. Reading my old journals, took me back in time and brought back memories an email or text couldn’t bring. I get this feeling when I read my old birthday cards and the essays my friends write in them. There is nothing more personal than those messages, which mean a lot to me.

And a bonus reason, writing helps keep the mind sharp!

On that note, send someone a handwritten letter or card, try journaling or buy more stationery – You can never have too much stationery!

Ibby Oke

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