Do Your Goals Make Room For ‘Life’?

First things first, happy New Year and welcome to 2019. I do wonder whether it’s still ok for me to say this? When does the novelty truly wear off? In any case, I still received well wishes for the year ahead so meh…

I am sure by this point, you have probably been inundated with endless pieces about how to effectively set goals, your timeline saturated with either ‘New Year, same me’ posts OR ‘word of the year’ images. Either way, you get the drift; setting goals are important so I will spare you the motivational spiel and go right to the heart of the matter. What I want to highlight is  something I feel tends to get omitted from the conversation around goal setting and that’s what to do when life happens; how do we therefore make our goals flexible?

Like most, I sat down in the penultimate week of 2018 to reflect on the year gone by. I am a little bit of a serial goal setter and have used the same battered notebook for the last 8 years to record everything. I was a little disheartened to say the least when I realised I couldn’t tick off a single thing from my list and it’s not because I procrastinated or couldn’t be bothered, it’s merely because life happened. 2018 was an incredibly difficult year, which meant that personal circumstances forced me to slow down and change focus. It didn’t matter how determined I was to achieve the things I set out to do on the 1 January 2017, life suggested otherwise and steered the ship in another direction. I was forced therefore come December to be thankful instead and grateful that at least God had pulled me through.

Sitting down to think about 2019 and the year ahead, I am remembering that it is vital to build in one thing into my goals – flexibility (a special shout out to those that mentioned this in response to our questions on insta!) The 12 calendar months of the year don’t always pan out perfectly and so we must build in enough flux to allow room for change because sometimes life forces us to take several detours so don’t forget to factor this in as you think about the year ahead.

As we go through 2019, let’s remember that life can sometimes mean that the journey is littered with several bumps and diversions along the way. It may cause to shift gears or bring things to a halt completely and that’s ok. By the time 2019 arrives, let’s choose to be happy regardless and not bound by the things that were inevitably out of our control.

Hope 2019 is one to remember for you!


Co-founder, Hyphen London

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